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Welcome to J&L Culture and Media Company. We are a reliable and innovative company with full of experience and consistent dedication to our customers.



  • If you want to know whether you and your company can make money in China, we would help you — we would offer no-cost research and analysis, and specific business plan (designated China’s market).


  • If you are doing business in China, we would help you earn more margins and save more expenses.


AND We Also Offer


  • Qualified translation and interpretation services.


  • Qualified copywriting and writhing services


  • Cultural Tour Projects; Historical Tour projects; Food Tour Projects; Business Tour Projects, and Natural Tour Projects.


Our Aim: J&L Works and Let Clients Be in Control.

Our Promise: No Hidden Costs.

Our Slogan: Simplify the Rules; Lead the New World.


A Presentation by Our President


Interpretation Services Interpretation Services

We offer high-quality services to individuals and all types of companies ranging from small business to Fortune 500 companies in the world.

Translation Services

We offer translations for documents, letters, manuals, websites, and so forth by experienced and professional J&L Culture and Media Company translators.

Teaching Services

We offer a wide range of courses in several languages, such as English, Chinese, French, Spanish and Italian

Study&Investigation on China’s History Tour

J&L Culture and Media Company offers UNIQUE services for the clients who are interested in China’ history.

Writing and Copywriting Services

We offer professional writing. We can produce your material effectively and attractively. We offer writing services and copywriting   services worldwide in English, Chinese, Spanish, French and Italian.

One-Stop Services

We offer one-stop services (which means you don’t need to do anything if you want) for the clients who want to enlarge business in China, for the clients who want to find buyers in China, for the clients who want to find vendors in China, for the clients who want to find partners in China.